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   FPSB India's Standard Documents
   Process Charts
1Special Declaration form Open
2Continuing Education (CE) Reporting Form Open
1Process of Making Public and Verifying Compliance of Policy Changes Open
2Process for Conducting Background Checks Open
3Board Nomination Papers Open
4Opportunity for CFP/AFP Professionals to register as Retirement Advisers Open
5Change of Assessment Year (AY2017-18) for CFPCM Certification Examination effective from 6th April, 2017 Open
6Policy and Criteria for Accrediting Individuals with CFPCM Certification Open
7Policy and Criteria for Accrediting Individuals with CFPCM Certification Open
8Guidelines for Renewal of CFPCM Certification Open
9Proposed amendments SEBI (IA) Regulations 2013 Open
10Revised Fees Structure - Registration Certification Exam fees effective 1st October 2016 Open
11Extension of Nil Reg Offer up to Aug 10, 2016 Open
12Nil Registration Fees offer for Charter Members Open
13FPSB India: Profile of Board of Directors- 2015-17 Open
14Revised Fees of Registration, Certification and Examination-Currently Effective Open
15Extension of Registration for Students Qualifying Any Three Exams Open
16Notification - Exam 1-4 Open
17Syllabus and Topic List of CFP Examination effective 1st February, 2013 Open
18Closure Fees for Education Partners Open
19Initiation of "Self-Study" mode to complete "Education" criterion Open
20New Subscription Structure for Financial Planning Journal, applicable from December 1, 2010 Open
21Guidelines for Supervised Work Experience in Financial Planning Open
22Procedure for enrollment on NSE Portal Open
23Suggested Topics for the FPJ Open
24Creating the Future of Financial Advisory Together Open
25Financial Advisory Business - How to Transform to Next Level Open
FPSB India's Standard Documents
S.No.FPSB India's Standard DocumentsView
1FPSB-India’s Financial Planner Model Rules of Conduct Open
2List of Activities and Programs for Continuous Education Points Open
3CFP Marks usage Guide for Education Partners Open
4CFP Marks usage Guide for CFP Certificants Open
5CFP Marks usage Guide for Media Open
6FPSB India's Financial Planner Competency Profile Open
7FPSB India's Financial Planning Practice Standards Open
8Supervision Experience Agreement Open
9Application for Supervisor under Supervised Work Experience Program of FPSB India Open
10FPSB India’s Financial Planner Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility Open
11FPSB India’s Financial Planner Work Experience Standard Open
Process Charts
S.No.Process ChartsView
1Master Flow Chart Open
2Student Registration Open
3Student Renewal Open
4Exam 1-4 Enrollment Open
5AFP Certificates Open
6AFP Certificate Renewal Open
7Challenge Status Registration Open
8Challenge Status Renewal Open
9CFP Certification Open
10CFP Certification Renewal Open
11Online Account Activation Open
12Continuing Education Reporting Open
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